The impact of Nigel’s work:

“These sessions empowered all staff to discuss what was working and what we could try in the short term and the longer term.” Headteacher

“Nigel Battey was a dynamic speaker who reminded us of key elements of best practice and gave us many opportunities to consider how we might each use these to ensure that we deliver outstanding teaching in every classroom.” Reception Class Teacher

“These have been some of the most successful Professional Development Meetings that we have had. The teachers and teaching assistants were enthused and you know you have been involved in something that will make a huge difference to children’s learning when staff are eager to continue discussing the issues raised.” Headteacher

“Nigel was an engaging, energetic and knowledgeable speaker. We will certainly be putting into practice some of his ideas and suggestions relating to how children learn. Staff feedback was incredibly positive.” Headteacher

“This was so useful and inspiring. It gave us all a chance to bounce ideas off each other and think outside the box, providing us with an opportunity to sit back and ponder our visions for the future.” Cluster Coordinator

“Nigel is simply inspirational! I have already led 2 very successful training sessions. Brilliant resources and a fresh way of thinking.” Headteacher

“Well delivered. Excellent presentation style and variety of skills. Balance of humour and seriousness.” Headteacher

“A worthwhile session to attend – inspiring and engaging! The session certainly left us with lots to think about and consider. Thank you.” Primary School Teacher

“It was a constructive day spent with other schools talking about and sharing ideas. We were all at different starting points to our new National Curriculum journey and Nigel was able to effortlessly encompass all. I now feel confident that I can guide the staff through this process with more confidence, excitement and enthusiasm.” Headteacher

“I really enjoyed the session. I found it inspiring and positive.” Secondary School Teacher

“Nigel’s input achieved exactly what I’d hoped for – and more! One of the teachers says ‘he asks just the right questions to get us thinking and to help us arrive at decisions for the way forward.’ That sums it up exactly – thought provoking, challenging yet supportive and empowering.” Headteacher

“We feel so much more prepared for a new curriculum than I had thought we might.” Headteacher

“Thank you Nigel. It is always tremendously valuable to work with you.” Headteacher

“The session was well focused on exactly what we wanted.” Headteacher

“Delighted with how the session went. We are now in a strong position to put together our School Curriculum aims and from which we can develop our long term plans with the correct focus. Thank you.” Headteacher

“The session was spot on and the resources supported the work.” Headteacher

“This was an extremely valuable session, sparking discussion and leading to implementation of ideas suggested.” Headteacher

“I feel inspired.” Deputy Headteacher

“A motivational and enjoyable session for the start of the year which was appreciated by the teaching team.” Headteacher

“We thought the balance of activities was thoughtful and we are still thinking about the issues days afterwards which is always a positive sign.” Deputy Headteacher

“A really positive and engaging session.” Headteacher