Nigel’s Profile

Nigel’s Profile

Nigel has over 30 years experience in education, working in a range of schools across the UK. He has been headteacher in two schools, a Local Authority Senior Adviser and Head of Service. He has led the organisation and delivery of senior leadership development programmes, including NPQH, with The Eastern Leadership Centre.

Currently he is a partner in Partnerships for School Improvement, an independent provider of school improvement services to primary schools and academies. Nigel works as a School Improvement Adviser to a number of schools.

He was also an accredited national trainer for the Training and Development Agency, facilitating training nationally for a number of TDA programmes. Nigel now delivers a wide range of leadership, and teaching and learning keynote presentations, workshops and training sessions at conferences and for schools. He works as a facilitator and mentor for the National Governors Association, delivering a number of NGA programmes.

As a headteacher Ofsted noted Nigel’s “inspirational leadership”, commenting that, “The headteacher provides highly skilled leadership, making ambition achievable by harnessing the efforts of staff and pupils in shared and rewarding endeavour….He sets the school’s sights high and fosters enjoyment in learning.”

Feedback from recent training sessions which Nigel has led includes:

“Nigel is simply inspirational! I have already led 2 very successful training sessions. Brilliant resources and a fresh way of thinking.” – Headteacher

“Well delivered. Excellent presentation style and variety of skills. Balance of humour and seriousness.” – Headteacher

“These have been some of the most successful Professional Development Meetings that we have had. The teachers and teaching assistants were enthused.” – Headteacher